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Need help Making Resume

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I've always found Virginia Tech's Career Services page helpful for cover letters, resumes, and general job search info. I'm sure resume advice for getting a job is perfectly applicable to grad school search - grad school is essentially going to be your job, just one that you pay for. http://www.career.vt.edu/ResumeGuide/Index.html

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These are the sections I put on my admissions CV.  




ASHA Pre-Reqs and SLP Leveling Coursework (I was an out-of-field applicant)

Employment History

Other Experience

Licenses and Certifications

Honors and Awards

Professional Affiliations

Undergraduate / Graduate Campus Involvement



If you need just a 1 to 2 page resume, you may want to condense the sections a bit.  I found a template searching online somewhere that showed the coursework on the first page of the CV, and since this "resume" was for admissions to a grad program, I made it totally relevant for that.  For example, my objective line stated something like "To be in the Fall 2013 cohort for the MS in Speech-Language Pathology, to participate in active research opportunities, and to learn from the many expert faculty members for working in a speech and hearing center, rehabilitation center and public school."



Just a thought.  Feel free to make your CV or admissions resume reflect YOU - that's what they're looking for.  

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Rule of thumb for anyone less than a masters/PhD is to keep your resume as 1 full page, nothing more. That's what I was told when I did mine last Fall semester. Mine is centered at the top with name, address, cell, email then major sections included related course work, related projects (research/lab), work experience and the last section was awards and accomplishments related to the field. Can't remember exactly how I worded each section but that's the basis of how mine was set up. Each of the 3 major sections had 4-6 bullets underneath explaining what I did, how it relates to the field, and my exact job/role for each. Accomplishments was a bit longer and I did them in chronological order. Make sure to include the name of the place and city/state plus dates you worked/volunteered or approx # of hrs.


As I've said to many others in this group, if you still have access to a career services center and/or writing center on campus, use them! They helped me tremendously!!

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