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Waiting for my bachelor degree to post?!?!


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Hello all! 

I need some advice/help. 

I'm currently living in the state of Oregon, which luckily tends to have "year-round" applications to nearly every school. I'm trying to get into Western Oregon's M.A. Criminal Justice graduate program. Today, they received the results from my MAT (Miller's analogy test) scores. This is the e-mail they sent: 

"Hi Haley,
Your passing MAT scores arrived today from your 8/15/2014 testing date. Congratulations!
I will be watching for your Oregon State University transcripts in September 2014 when your bachelor degree should post. I will let you know when they arrive. 

Have a great day!"

I am currently taking summer classes at OSU; however, I've applied for summer graduation. My classes end on 9/5. I won't be awarded my degree until then, and then classes start at WOU in a few weeks. I am obviously nervous, because I want enough time to get my FAFSA in order. 

My question is: Do you think they're sending me an acceptance letter, or are they really waiting until my degree is awarded officially? 

Thanks to everyone that read this, and to anyone willing to help me out by providing some answers! 

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