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  1. This came in today on the IE-L listserv. If you have forensics experience it's a good opportunity. The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) is seeking applicants for a forensics graduate assistantship, starting in Fall 2016. This is a two-year position which provides a monthly stipend for coaching, in-state tuition waiver, and funded conference travel opportunities. Unlike many programs, forensics graduateassistants are not required to teach courses in the department in addition to their coaching obligations. The UTEP forensics program is relatively small (10-12 students, on av
  2. I have not but I've heard good things about the program. Lexington is very pretty.
  3. This program went out on CRTNET this morning. If anyone is still looking for a program or has not been admitted elsewhere you might look into it. http://arts-sciences.und.edu/communication/graduate/index.cfm This is the message (since it was on CRTNET today I'm guessing she means April 16, 2016): Pamela Kalbfleisch, pamela.kalbfleisch@icloud.com New Doctoral Program in International and Intercultural Communication at the University of North Dakota The intent of the Ph.D. program is to graduate students with scholarly competencies enabling them to assume roles as inte
  4. Minnesota State University, Mankato has a reputable online program.
  5. I lived in Oregon for several years (my undergraduate is from Linfield College and my husband was a grad student in COMM at Oregon State). U of O is in one of three uber-liberal areas of Oregon. The rest of the state is extremely conservative. Graduate students are part of a union and their health care plan back in the early 2000s was some of the best in the entire nation. They have a nice library system, and Eugene is only an hour from Florence which is a very nice Oregon beach community - I love the Pacific Ocean and its rugged terrain. In Oregon you don't usually swim in the ocean but
  6. In my cycle I only applied to one program because I KNEW it was the right one for me. My husband and I decided that if I didn't get in my first try we'd move here and try to "back door" my way in - but fortunately that wasn't necessary. Anyway, I hadn't been here before I was admitted and moved. Not only that, but I'm a cold weather person - my favorite place in the world is Anchorage, AK. I've liked the area a lot more than I expected to, but seriously, grad school is only a handful of years in the grand scheme of things. If the program is right, it's right.
  7. I have not been there but I've heard good things about the Utah faculty and department. Outside the university the culture is heavily Mormon, but inside is an academic oasis. The people I know who were there still like it. And Dr. Middleton is great help to me with my forensics team.
  8. FYI, Boulder is a lot more expensive than COLA reflect. I can't answer for UNC's COLA, but I know someone who lives in the area (not a PhD student) and they were shocked by how much what they thought they would have to spend does not compare to what they do have after expenses.
  9. I don't know about those schools. That said, I think you'd be very competitive for the Gaylord College Journalism and Mass Communication program at OU if you are interested - and their application deadline for the fall is June.
  10. I didn't receive admission to the program until March in 2013 so hang in there. I haven't heard about offers being sent out yet, but I've been super busy the last month so I'm not as in the loop as I would normally be.
  11. @kaoticfen - I LOVE being at OU. Good luck. Good luck to everyone. I'm in my 3rd year of my program and I still remember how tense I was until I received the acceptance letter.
  12. I'm different but currently in my 3rd year. I only applied to one school because I knew that was where I was meant to go.
  13. It really depends on the university. Each has its own culture. I lived in west coast states most of my life and there are schools where the faculty are extremely formal there as well as schools that are informal. There are faculty who went to east coast schools at my university and things were very informal. Not only that, but faculty members are individuals and how things operate can vary widely even in the same department. Where I attend there are faculty who go out to have a drink with graduate students and faculty who never meet with students outside of their offices. The best advice I
  14. If you're admitted (and decide to join us) let me know. I'll be happy to help you navigate the area etc.
  15. Look for fit. How will your references hold up to scrutiny? What are your grades like? Depending on the school those are much more important than the GRE.
  16. I don't know of one. Most people I know use CRTNET - the NCA listserv.
  17. I love my program at OU and there are faculty who would love to guide you through that type of research.
  18. As an instructor I don't have a problem with students hiring a proofreader. I want the ideas and content to be their own, but some people need more help in the presentation than others. Plus, I focus on students using the speech format of narration, thesis, intro, body points, review, conclusion, peroration whether assignments are written or spoken. A writing center or proofreader may be able to help with mechanics, but they aren't going to be as aware of format - that is all on the student. Haven't you had classes or taught classes where students exchange rough drafts for peer edits? Or gr
  19. Top universities usually look at a student holistically. GRE scores, letters of reference, undergraduate institution, GPA at both the undergrad and master's levels, area of research interest, publications, etc. I went to an unknown school for a degree in a field that does not relate to my current field at all. I got into my first choice school on the first try and am fully funded. There are those who look askance at WGU but if your entire application packet looks good I don't think a degree from there would be a deal breaker.
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