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Giving up, need honest advice!

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Hello everyone! I graduated back in 2012 with a bachelors in communication disorders. I then applied all around the country and got rejected :/ my COMD gpa is a low 3.3 & I already retook courses, I basically have 2 A's, 3 B+'s one B, and one C+..I was advised not to retake any B+s leaving me pretty stuck with this gpa. I have lots of volunteer and work experience in the field, I'm currently teaching preK and getting my masters in special ed and have 4.0 so far in that program. Although I've already started plan B, I can't help but think about speech. I don't see myself teaching forever and although I have a passion for working with special needs children, the classroom isn't where my heart is. I'm tired of spending money and time retaking, & I'm not sure If I should even waste time reapplying. I'm just wondering what someone else would do in this position? Would you stick to the special ed program? Try again for speech? Or consider another career? Any honest opinion would help :)

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If you feel like your Masters degree in special ed is going well, I'd say stick with that path for a few years. Save up some money, get good experience working in special needs classrooms and working in the school system. If you decide in a few years that speech is still what you want to do, you'll be a stronger candidate for graduate school with work experience to make up for your GPA on the low end. Having that great masters gpa in your current program can only help. Given the state of the economy and the cost of tuition, I'd advise against getting two consecutive masters degrees unless you have enough money that it wouldn't cause financial hardship.

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