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HELP! PHD programs!

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Hi Everyone, 


So my situation here is: I have completed my Master degree in Higher Education. I want to pursue a higher degree but preferably not in education. I want to do some cross field study. My past experience has been in business and higher education, both having a focus on assessment. For example, I interned at J&J company at their process evaluation department, and at universities, I have interned at Assessment Center. I am really interested in assessment, and am thinking, maybe a PHD in statistics. 

My concern is that I don't have much educational experience in statistics. I don't have a background in science and technology either. I know for a PHD program, there is a strong focus on research abilities and data analysis skills. My working experience may prepare me for data analysis but I just feel it's not enough. 


Can anyone give me some suggestions on what kind of PHD programs that may appeal to my interests. I know this may sound dumb...but I really want to pursue a more practical and high-tech related program, which could promote my career to the next level. 


Thank you so much in advance. Heroes, professionals, PHDs please apply. 


Much appreciate it! 

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what about something like a program in applied statistics/psychometrics from something like an education or a psychology department? it mixes and matches social sciences with a quantitative bent and with the increase in standardized testing across the world, we're an in-demand profession. i haven't even finished my PhD and i routinely get a few job offers every semester about positions related to this, particularly testing companies like ETS (you know, the guys who brought you the TOEFL, SAT, etc.) or universities to do some teaching in research methods. i sometimes even get emails from the same people because they go for months without qualified people applying! we happen to be a rare species with a rare set of skills. 


here's a list of programs from the APA website of universities (in the U.S.) who have this kind of program. there're also a few in Canada, but there aren't many (like only 3-4 in the biggest universities)



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FWIW it's not impossible to move into a new field for your PhD. I am starting an academic PhD after doing a vocational undergrad. I think my saving grace was having a few big conferences under my belt, which showed that even though I lacked the coursework of most other applicants, I had the requisite skills and research abilities in my new area of study.


Some schools are more into interdisciplinary work than others. Usually looking over a departmental course syllabus will give you a strong indication of whether that's the case or not. Good luck, sounds like a fascinating area!

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