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Is it too late to retake the GRE? Advice needed


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I took the GRE last winter, but the writing score (3) was not satisfactory, despite I did okay in verbal(160) and math(163). I'm applying to elementary teacher ed programs to get certified to teach. The programs I'm looking at include the ones at Stanford and UMichigan. I'm also hoping to apply to some scholarships they provide. I wonder if my GRE score would harm me in the process.

The Stanford website advises its applicants to take the GRE by Sept 30th. So I don't know if it'd be too late to take it a month away from now, which would give me enough time to re-study for it (especially the writing section). But I'm also working in a school right now and don't have much free time during the week. Dilemmas.... Can someone give me some advice?



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You can take it as long as it is the online version. Last year I didn't even decide to apply to grad school until September 1 and I took the GRE October 14. I had taken it about a year and a half beforehand and wanted to compare the scores before I sent them to schools, so even with the extra time in the middle (to receive the scores in the mail and then have them sent to schools) I got everything in way before the deadline.

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