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Univ that reject applicants based on just GRE scores without seeing the rest of the application


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Hi all,
I am applying for fall 2015. I have scored 316 in GRE (Q-164, V-152, A-3) and 107 in TOEFL (R,L,W-27, S-26). I am applying for MS Electrical engineering (Analog Design) from a top univ in India. Apart from my GRE score I have a good profile-
CGPA-9.4/10 , (Scored top grades in the courses that are relevant to my field of interest for MS). Done some good projects related to the field that I am applying for.
1 year relevant experience in a renowned company (in the same field)
I have won national level contests conducted by top companies(in the same area of interest) and also have the links to the websites that have details about my achievements.....
I am sure that I have greater chance of getting admit if they overlook my GRE score.
I just want to know the name of some top universities that reject candidates just based on GRE score without seeing the rest of the application...
for example can you tell me the ones among these univ that reject candidates just based on GRE scores ? (without even looking at the rest of the profile...I mean they screen candidates in the beginning itself)...
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I would email the Professors that I am interested in working with and be open to them. Usually, they'll tell you they are not involved in the admissions process but I think letting them ahead of screening out applications might make a difference. My two cents. Do it!

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From what I understand, state schools (such as the UCs you listed) have been known to throw applications out based on GRE scores along. They get their funding from these scores, so having high scores to them is crucial. 

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I believe that every school that receives a fair amount of admissions (most school's you'd want to apply for, I'd reckon?) will use quantitative metrics to cull the first round of applicants. If they have an overwhelming pile of applicants, it's the fastest way to cut that pile in half. If your score is in the bottom of the pack, the rest of your application may not get looked at at all, irrespective of whether or not a department states publicly that it has minimum requirements for the GRE.


Just retake the GRE.


source: https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2014/07/14/scholar-explores-how-graduate-admissions-committees-view-measures-merit-and

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Thanks for your replies.


Just wondering... It would have been much easier if they had mentioned the minimum GRE requirements so as to avoid "overwhelming pile of applications"... 


And one more doubt.


What are the universities that I have listed wouldn't reject me during the initial screening process ?

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No way to know, dude.


Right, unless it is specified on the website or unless you ask a professor or grad student working there. Or check the "results" page on this website, maybe you will get something. 

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