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I would be surprised if you made the minimum GRE for any UC school, or any graduate school that has one (thats not the departmental cutoff, its the entire school cutoff which is generally lower than departmental cutoffs). 

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Uh oh


What scores would I want to aim for if I re-take?


you should check, but a guideline is that 300 is the minimum for a graduate school approval. Below that, and departments have to make an appeal. This would be like having a 2.8 GPA, since 3.0s are general requirements. I would contact them.


For competitive programs, I suggest a 320 or higher to be honest, but I dont know much about your programs. I just know that in general below 300 is like having less than a 3.0 gpa. 

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As mswhopeful2015 stated, Berkeley's MSW program doesn't have a minimum score and only looks at Verbal. Don't worry about the quantitative reasoning score. My score was really low for Q. I didn't study for that part at all and didn't try (at all) when I took the test. However, I did study for the Verbal portion. I found that each time I took a practice test, my score increased by a few points. Basically, if you practice taking the test it's very probable that you will do better each time, because you're getting better at taking the test. When I took the actual test, I didn't get a super high score but I achieved the score I was aiming for. You may want to consider re-taking the test if you are feeling like the rest of your application isn't that strong. I think the last day to take the test in time for Berkeley's deadline is November 25th or around that time.

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Double Shot, I am in a very similar situation than you... unfortunately I wrote my GRE on November 24th so no time to re-write as it is all past the deadline.  The rest of my application feels very strong (4.0 GPA, strong LOR, Writing Samples, Experience in the field both in clinical, management, and policy as well as teaching) I am very nervous as my scores were below the 50th percentile.  I applied for some PhD programs in Psychology and some in Social Work, so it should be very interesting to see what happens.  My plan is to keep studying over the next few months and rewrite regardless but hope for the best for March that I have some offers.  What schools have you applied for?

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