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HASTS - MIT: Thoughts


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Anybody applied to HASTS or knows more about the program?

The research and faculty there fits my interests exactly, but looking at the type of people they admit, it seems like they are looking for more mature scholars. I am just finishing my undergrad :|

Just wondering whats your opinion of the program..

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It doesn't say that you can't apply straight out of undergrad. If your transcript/work shows that you've had interest in science/tech for a while, earlier than your senior year, you'll be fine. They're not looking for anyone who woke up in their last year of school saying "Oh! I want to do my dissertation on science/technology!"

They're just looking for evidence of commitment to this field.

If that's what you mean by "mature".... it did say that SOME people were admitted with MAs.

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Thanks for your reply!

True, it does not say that you can't go straight out of undergrad. But looking at the bio's of those, who got accepted, it seems like they either had masters or work experience. There is only two or three people straight out of undergrad. They also have somebody who already has a PhD in a different field.

Here is the link..


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