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3 LOR's from non-degree grad profs / None from undergrad?


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I have several willing LOR writers from a non-degree graduate program I was in - I essentially got to take classes because I worked at the school as an RA.


For my undergrad, I did a significant amount of research (a really inordinate amount actually, it was an unorthodox program), so I am wondering if it would be better to have two letters from grad classes, and at least one from undergrad?


Grad profs and I have great working relationships, have kept in touch since 2011, knew/know me very well.


Undergrad profs I have not spoken to since 2007, though the one I'm considering asking remembers me, and would likely be happy to recommend me strongly, and is also familiar with a different set of my research.


What would you recommend? 


I ask because it is easier for me to get all three from the grad program, so I am inclined to do that. 


What do you think?

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Pick the 3 people that can best speak to your ability to succeed in graduate school and can speak to your attributes as a student or potential student.  I would say it is fine to go ahead with the 3 grad profs as long as it was all within relevant areas of what you will pursue.  Generally they'd like to see who you are now rather than who you were 7 years ago.  I did not have any undergrad profs for LORs and used all from my experience post bac.

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