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HASTS - MIT: Thoughts


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Anybody applied to HASTS or knows more about the program?

The research and faculty there fits my interests exactly, but looking at the type of people they admit, it seems like they are looking for more mature scholars. I am just finishing my undergrad :|

Just wondering whats your opinion of the program..

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Hi, Astronautka!

Gosh, my first post on this forum, after lurking for most of the spring. Of course, I don't have any actual information, but I'm interested in the HASTS program, too. I vowed not to apply to any interdisciplinary Ph.D. programs, both because I sort of overdosed on interdisciplinarity as an undergraduate and because I have the sense that it's more difficult to find a job.

But I also get the sense that HASTS is different, and that their social science graduates tend to do pretty well for themselves in terms of placement; one of them, I know, has a TT gig at Irvine:


Anyone out there have an insider's perspective on HASTS, even just as an applicant? What are other anthropology of science and technology programs that you are looking at?

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hey there,

haven't got much "insider" info, but I'm also interested in HASTS. i too got the sense that they're looking for experienced scholars, but i'm applying anyway (i graduated from anthro undergrad in 2009). mostly just looking for the opportunity to work with the faculty in the STS section.

i say, apply. doesn't hurt, and you may be more "qualified" than you think!

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I spent hours on hours pondering the hasts or no hasts dilemma. And just as I was leaning towards just sticking with straight up sociology and getting a certificate in sts on the way to my phd, I got an invitation for a prospective student visit. Anybody else thinking about attending the visiting day? Is a visit going to increase my chances? I'd have to fly. Also, i am not really sure I want to miss a day of work.

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I would recommend you speak to the students from the program. From my conversation with my adviser about HASTS, I believe the program is a) not that well respected, at least in economic sociology/STS, which is what I'm interested in and B) is really fragmented in terms of the departmental culture. There is very little collaboration, the support networks are weak, and people get burned out quickly. So yeah, talk to the students.

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I would recommend you speak to the students from the program.

I know this is going to sound absurd, but I haven't thought of that at all until you mentioned it. Thanks. I will talk to the students.

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