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Please Evaluate My Profile for Admission with Funding

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Undergraduate Degree: B.S. ( Honours)


Undergraduate Major: Geology


Undergraduate Institution:Outside US (international applicant)


CGPA: 3.57 /4


GPA in last 40 credits (Major) : 3.838


GRE: 308 ( V: 152, Q: 156, AWA : 3.5)


LoRs: Good


SoP: Descent


Fresh Graduate with no publication or work experience


Research Interest: Tectonics and Petroleum Geology


Please suggest me some schools that are safe to apply and provide graduate assistantship.Ranking does not matter much ( I know i cant get into high-ranked programs with this profile :P)



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You should probably look at schools with a lot of oil company funding (which will be competitive) and unranked shcools (where funding will be competitive because there isn't as much funding available) 

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thanx for the reply GeoDude.A professor from Louisiana State University Baton Rouge encouraged me to apply. I do not know whether my profile is good enough to get admission at LSU.I could use some help here :)


P.S. : also got replies from CSU Long Beach and  State University of Arkansas


Plz share your opinion about my chances of getting into these schools

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No one knows ScarletAmethyst, its hard to say. You certainly have a profile I think that could get into those schools (i'm not really sure how competitive they are really, I'd imagine they are relatively easier schools to get into) but funding is another story. The problem is that these schools arent the best funded, and international applicants can cost more than double to fund because you can never get instate tuition. 


I really think you should try and find some private schools with strong tectonics backgrounds, since it costs the same to fund everyone.

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