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How does chemistry Adcom see the verbal score


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Hi all, I am a non-native english speaker from India, applying for Fall 2015 in Chemistry PhD. My GRE score is a bit low: Q 162, V 150. TOEFL and AWA pending. I was wondering how would my dangerous verbal score affect the Adcom. Can you please tell how does the chemistry Adcom prioritise the verbal score. I have four publications in Elsevier, RSC and ACS with one as the corresponding author and one as first author. I have 6 years of research experience in the R & D lab of a global FMCG company (fortune 500) and have nine filed patents here. My GPA is eqv to 4 in US scale (76% in 100 in Indian scale, I am the topper in Inorganic Chemistry). I do have numerous awards for research capability awarded by my employer. Is my profile worth it for applying to U southern california, Duke, Umass Amherst, UT austin and U llinois-Urbana? Please suggest. I am in hurry as application deadline is approaching. Thanks! Any help will be good.

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If you just listed that you have 9 patents, I really wouldn' worry about it. Im mean seriously, look at everything you just listed. Are you really worried about a mediocre verbal score? How does one get 9 patents in undergad anyway?

"I have 6 years of research experience in the R & D lab of a global FMCG company"


That's how.

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