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I'm applying to Ithaca College but did not go there for undergrad. I thought I was a competitive applicant, but I recently learned that they automatically accept their own undergrads (assuming a minimum requirement is met).


Does anyone know how many ithaca undergrad students stay there? Or does anyone know about typical stats for Ithaca students vs. students from other institutions? Post stats if you have them please!!



Thank you!

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I emailed them because seeing this really concerned me and they said that that's not true! Below is the email--- I was even surprised by those averages, I definitely thought the GRE would be higher! 

"Our graduate program is made up of students from many different places.  Students from the Ithaca College undergraduate SLP major do not make up the majority of our fall 2014 graduate students.  Here is information about the average GREs and GPA of our 2014-2015 

accepted grad students.




GPA: 3.7 (3.67)"

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