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What to say re: resignation


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I'm applying to a couple of schools that ask for me to give reasons why I left jobs. At one of my jobs, I was given the option of resigning or being fired. I chose to resign. The job wasn't a good fit anyway, but would it be a stretch of the truth to list "not a good professional fit" as the reason I chose to resign? I mean, I resigned because I had to do that or be fired, but it really wasn't a good fit and I wanted to resign anyway. What's the best thing to put for this?

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I think "not a good professional fit" is fine.  It happens, and I really doubt that they are going to want to know any more than that, to be honest.  How long were you there?  Could you leave it out?  The reason why I ask is because I went through the same thing, but was only at the job for a few months.  I don't include it in my employment history.

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