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I have a question about internships throughout the undergraduate degree. I am applying for an M.A. in History, with my research area focusing on modern German history. 


I have been lucky in acquiring internships throughout my degree, but they have been quite an assortment in terms of subject. My question is, would these research/writing internships stand out even though they are unrelated to what I want to study in a masters program?


My first internship was in an academic library, where I helped students find sources and also helped with general duties like stacking books. 


I then had an internship with an English prof, where I researched and wrote biographies on writers, which were put on the university webpage under "Canadian Authors."


I also had an internship which lead to a full-time salaried position, even though i had two classes left to graduate, where i wrote, edited, compiled research, and also did research analysis when necessary. I worked for Aboriginal Relations, so this topic is very far off my intended research. 


And, I volunteered in a museum archive. 


I have listed these on my academic cv, and will mention them a bit in my SOP since some of the work has been independent while working from home. 

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Yes, I think it's a good idea to list them even though they are only tangentially related. I also specialize in modern German history (coincidentally), and I did internships at two archives and a library. Although only one of them was directly related to German history, I still mentioned all of them and I'm sure that doing so was beneficial for my application to my Ph.D. program.

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