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Geography societies


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Well...AGU, AAG, GSA...and now my mind is drawing a blank.  This website has a pretty good list: http://www.geosociety.org/links/

The three I listed are generally considered the "top" in the US. 


Thank you so much! I assume AGU is American Geophysical Union and AAG is Association of American Geographers. I'm not sure what GSA stands for, though...

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The ICCG is pretty a well known conference among critical geographers. However, it's not an annual conference or anything and it's not the only venue to present radical/critical work. The AAG Subconference and even the main conferences are good for that kind of thing as well.

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What are the most important scientific societies for geographers? Google is not as clear on this as I would like. Thank you.


I think it depends on what's best for your specialty. My background is more geology/geoscience so I've long been a member of the AGU and GSA; I tried the AAG for a year at my new institution and went to the annual meeting when it was local. I let the membership lapse afterwards...I felt the $55-65/year for student dues was a lot. That's double or more compared to the other societies I belong to. Most of them are better organized to be honest, thus providing better value.

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