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Need Help Deciding if I Should Apply to Pre-SLP

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Hi everybody,


I'm about to complete my linguistics major in undergrad, and I want to go on to be an SLP. My school's program is tiny and general, so it has no SLP courses at all. The only relevant experience I have in the field right now is an observation I'm doing for internship credit.

I have found one school so far (Edinboro Uni of Pennsylvania) that verified that they will defer admission until I finish their prerequisite program. The rest (Gallaudet, Pittsburgh) have said they do not, and I am still waiting to hear back from West Virginia University.


However, elsewhere in the forum I was reminded of pre-SLP programs and now I'm attempting to look into those so I'm currently sifting through La Salle's website. I wish I knew why I was so hell-bent on going to Pennsylvania!


Would it be a better use of my time to apply to a pre-SLP program and get the prereqs over with but have no guaranteed admission anywhere, or apply to Edinboro and pray that they accept a ~2.9 GPA, pretty average GRE, nothing-really-special-about-it application?


(I also need to make a decision soon because I want to let my LOR professors know if they should still write the letters or not...)


Thanks in advance!

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I'm in the same boat (3.0, linguistics degree), but I'm hoping that my extracurriculars will cause programs to accept me.

Would it be feasible to apply for extended masters programs, and then postbacs should they not pan out?

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I can't edit my posts, so I'll just update my decision here:


I'm going to take leveling courses online from Longwood so I can have better application options in the future and stop having to be constrained to so few programs.


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