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LOR from lecturer with MD?

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I really want to thank your for this amazing forum. It contains very helpful information.


I tend to apply for biomedical sciences PhD in US universities. Actually I have been graduated 5 years ago during which I worked in clinical practice, and it is very hard to get more than 2 recommendation letters from my undergrad professors. Consequently, I think about getting LOR from one of the physicians I was working with in my hospital. He has Medicine Doctorate (MD) not a Ph.D. 


Can I ask him for a LOR? Is it a must to get all LOR from faculty with a PhD and not a MD?


Thank you very much



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It is totally acceptable, I had an MD right a letter for me.  Many MDs have grants and do research in addition to their clinical practice.  There really isn't that much difference as long as they can speak to your abilities as a graduate student in your field.

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Thank you all for your answers.


Actually I worked with this doctor in my hospital to provide clinical care for patients. I think he will be more able to comment on my professional attitude and my potential to succeed in a graduate program. 


Sometimes we read papers together. Sometimes we collect certain data about patients to develop a policy for certain problems.


DO you think this will be enough?

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