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Include website URL in CV/application?

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I tried googling this topic, no avail.  


I have not done much to improve my uGPA (re/taking courses) since I have graduated from undergrad, but instead have been been teaching myself Python, C, R, Matlab, HTML and CSS at the advice from a few gradcafe members.  I will be able to take a course or two (or three) next semester (Fall 2015), yet, all of my applications will have been submitted and and decisions made more-than-likely before final grades are released.


I can submit mid-term grades if they will be accepted.  In the mean time what is the best way to convey that I am teaching myself Py, C, R, et al.?  Will discussing this in my SOPs be sufficient, or should I build a website to showcase what I have been learning?  Would it even matter?  Granted, my skills are relatively rudimentary (or novice, if I am being euphemistic  :P ): is it worth it or would including a URL to my own website/blog be considered too much?  



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First off, anything optional you submit should strengthen your application. If it adds nothing (or worse, if it would hurt your application) then don't submit it. Now, you need to decide if you could create a website that would be impressive and convince the adcom that you have acquired these new skills. It sounds like you're not so sure you could do that. You could try to put something together, but get a professor to look at it and only submit a link if the professor tells you it's impressive enough.


Second, I think the best way to show the adcom that you're learning these new skills is to talk about it in your SOP and to ask one of your recommenders to mention it in their letter. A website could support that, but I think you'll be fine without it too.

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I am going to include my website to show my selected works. So in case they are interested with the details of what I mentioned in my resume, they can look to my websites. Hopefully. :)

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