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Best Japanese history program?


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I'm a graduating senior history major at a middling state school in the Southwest who is now applying to grad school to pursue an MA in history. I am interested in post-war and bubble-era Japanese history and culture and here are the universities I am planning on applying to:
University of Oregon
University of Washington
CSUs Long Beach, Northridge, San Diego and San Francisco
UCs Irvine and Riverside.
Does anyone know of any other schools (west coast) that are known for Japanese history?
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Off the top of my head: UCB, UCLA, USC. There are others, but I am not sure about modern, so I left them out. You can also check rankings of schools and then see what they offer on their dept sites.


Best of luck!

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Just a heads-up, UCB does not offer a history MA, so if you plan on applying there, you will have to apply directly to the Ph.D. program.

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