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has anyone taken the Kaplan practice test? everytime i take it it gives me a score ridiculously lower than my other practice tests from power prep. With Kaplans I consistently get 500-v 580-q but with powerprep im hitting 660-720 on the Q and 550 on v. Dont know what to believe!

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I disagree. It is my belief that Kaplan and Princeton Review purposely score their practice tests low (especially diagnostic tests) so that you are excited by your real score and attribute your improvement to their help. I consistently scored about 100 points higher on the PowerPrep than on the Princeton Review practice and my final score was 150 points higher. I found similar patterns in high school when studying for the SATs. The only reason that you would do worse on the real thing (IMO) is if you have trouble dealing with test-taking stress.

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Agreed with above.

I took the Kaplan course and studied with their books. The teacher for the course said they a) disproportionately give harder questions and B) score you lower. That way you feel like the real test is "easy" and you have an improvement and can't claim the $-back guarantee.

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