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Using same SoP for MA and PhD

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Hey all - 


So I realize this is kind of a silly question but I am curious; I am interested in applying to the PhD "version" of the MA program I attended. Clearly, my SoP for my MA worked pretty well. Would there be any repercussions if I used chunks of my old SoP for my PhD application? Obviously, it won't be identical but a couple of the paragraphs are still very relevant.


I don't think any human reader is going to "recognize" my SoP, however I'm not sure if something like this would be flagged by a computer as plagiarism?


Any thoughts or experiences of this?

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I think using chunks would be fine; however you should definitely incorporate your MA experience. This is a must! 

Regarding plagiarism, I had a professor at my undergrad tell me that the computer does a quick sweep of your essays before they are printed out and given to the adcoms. I think if you reword a few sentences, add some of your MA jargon, and change up a few things, you should be fine. You could also ask your adviser in your department of his/her opinion. 

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