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Is it possible to be accepted with this GPA ? I lost my confidence )':

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hello everyone


I'm an international student and I'm planning to study Linguistics MA

my GPA is 2.80 out of 4

I applied in a university in California,frenso and they rejected me because of my GPA 

I thought I'll be rejected because of my TOEFL but it was my GPA

I got 79 on TOEFL


Is there a university that might accept my GPA and my TOEFL score ?

Is there a university that doesn't require GRE from international students ?


Please I need your answers

I'll have to leave the US if I couldn't find an acceptance ):

Thank you in advance 

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Canada's a pretty GRE-free zone, but you're going to keep running into the GPA problem. If taking more courses isn't an option, perhaps there's a way you could add more research/publications/conferences to your CV?

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unfortunately I don't have any experiences or reseasrches ):

I'll take the GRE test but I don't think it can replace the GPA 


You're right that it won't replace it, but higher scores on the GRE might compensate for some of the lowness of the GPA. Check out some of the <3.0 GPA threads for other ideas.

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