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What to do about OSAP?


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I have a small amount of loans left over from undergrad (I just graduated). I'm entering graduate studies in the fall. I have had an inordinate amount of difficulty finding out what I am supposed to do...and the OSAP line is down. Do I need to contact OSAP as soon as possible to prevent payments starting over the summer or can this wait until the fall??

(I apologize if this post sounds stupid--my dad took care of OSAP stuff for me, but he's out of the country right now).

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You'll want to check out this page, on the "interest-free status" option OSAP offers: http://osap.gov.on.ca/eng/not_secure/App_cifs_fulltime_123.htm

It's pretty easy. Basically, there's a form you fill out and submit to your school (assuming you're attending a graduate school in Ontario - if you're out of province, you submit the form directly to OSAP after your school signs it). All the form does is tell OSAP that you're still registered in a University program, and they hold off on charging you interest.

I believe they give you 6 months from your (undergrad) graduation date to get them the form -- the deadline should be apparent on their website. If you don't get the forms in until September, they'll just reverse any interest they had charged you in the meantime.

Hope that helps!! :)

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