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"List all institutions attended" ...including my semester abroad?


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I'm wondering if I should be listing the school that I attended for my semester abroad in the list of institutions I have attended. All of the applications seem to very clearly state that if you attended the institution, degree earned or not, it should be listed. That said, the form fields are so rigid that a lot of the time I'm required to enter information that does not apply to my semester abroad (e.g. date that degree is expected, or major GPA, which doesn't apply for me because I took no classes in my major while abroad). Some schools seem aware of this and have an option to indicate that this was a semester abroad, while others can't seem to accommodate this at all.





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Obviously if the forms in those cases are so rigid that you can't appropriately put that information in, then I would try to make it as accurate as possible since no one would be able to correctly fill it out.  IF they mention that it should be listed regardless of if for degree or study abroad than I would also assume they would "get it" if you wrote that the dates when you studied abroad to when you finished you study abroad, and then had your actual degree granting institution with the full time encompassing that semester.  If they need clarification because it is that important then, they will ask for it.  I am not sure if you had your study abroad transcript, grades also included or relevant but it would be immediately clear to them in my opinion if you had one semester at a random university in a completely different place that you were clearly doing that. 

This isn't something to spend a lot of time focusing on so try to do it within the form to the best of your ability.  Maybe also put a note in your CV as "study abroad experience".

One time I had written something in a form that a program later told me they never even glanced at...they mostly were going off of documents I submitted.  So....don't overstress about general forms that are set up by the university or a third party that they use.  Any clarification make sure to address in a document if you feel that it is necessary.

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I had a similar situation--it wasn't a semester abroad but my MSc school was in the same city as another school and grad students from one school often take classes from the other, and they count towards their own school's degree requirements. This was also administered in part of an Ontario-wide program. So, I had one single course as a "visiting student" from this other school.


This was what I put for various fields, in order of preference (i.e. I would try the first option, then if not allowed, I would move down the list):

A. For degree start/end dates, I put:

1. 2011 / (blank)

2. 2011 / 2011


B. For degree name:

1. "Visting MSc Student"

2. "Other" (if drop down menu)

3. Leave it blank if possible

4. "MSc" (if drop down menu without an other option and not allowed to leave blank)


C. For GPA questions, I just put the course grade for the one course I took! 


Finally, I also made sure the reason why I included the school was clear in every place possible. I noted it in my CV. If there was a box for comments in the application form alongside the school info, I noted it there. I also put the explanation in the "special comments" box that usually appears on the last page.

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All you have to do is answer as accurately as possible. Start and end dates should correspond to when you started and ended the semester abroad. Degree earned should be none. You should certainly list this out, especially if you were given credit for it on your official transcript. Omitting this is grounds for dismissal from your program if found out at any point after admissions. - Admissions Advice Online

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Drexel just asked me for transcripts from a semester I spent abroad in 1994. I've applied to other programs and never been asked for that - all the easy classes and grades I took that spring are reflected on my main undergraduate transcript.


It's obvious they studied my transcripts very carefully to even discover I went there. That semester never crossed my mind. It was over 20 years ago, the grades are displayed, and I have a masters since then.


I just don't understand what new information they will gleam from it. What about my high school diploma?



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I didn't send anything in from my summer abroad. I don't even know how I'd get that stuff sent from Europe, or get it translated. It's listed as summer abroad study on my undergrad transcript, with a grade. Never had any issues.

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