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MFA Painting Programs


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Hello, I am new to this forum and I have found it to be an excellent resource so far. I plan on applying to several MFA programs for 2015 for fine arts-painting/drawing. Recently went to grad school portfolio day at SAIC and it was a great experience. I'll submit a longer review later this evening. Just thought I'd introduce myself and post a link to my work. Still developing my website but the tumblr site will work for now. Here is a link to my work, critiques welcome!


So far I'm interested in the following programs:

1. Yale

2. Columbia

3. Rhode Island

4. Boston

5. Pratt

6. Parsons

7. VCU

8. Iowa

9. Wisconsin

10. Penn

11. Tyler

12. Mica-Hoffberger

Any other recommendations based on my work? Any west coast schools I should consider?

Thanks again for the help!

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I ended up scaling it back a little. Although I do regret not applying to UCLA. I applied to:





Rutgers-Mason Gross

Boston University



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