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Are they telling me not to apply?


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Hi, I applied last year to Virginia Tech for Master's in Construction Engineering Management program. I was denied. This  year I was thinking of reapplying. The Graduate Admissions page mentioned that if I wished to be reconsidered I should contact the graduate department. So I had emailed a professor of the department who is the graduate area co-ordinator of CEM and asked him if I should create a new application or the process was different. Here is his reply:


"You would need to submit a new application.


However, if you were denied admission last year, then the likelihood of being admitted for next fall is very low – unless something very significant has changed in your record or experience between then and now."


Is this a standard reply of all schools to people who are reapplying or are they indirectly telling me not to apply!


Now I had applied last year while I was still in my seventh sem! So I had submitted transcripts of only first 6 semesters. The changes in my application that they will see this year are:

1. I scored a near 4 gpa in my final year and graduated with the highest grade. ( my first year gpa 3.59, second year was 2.81, and third year was 3.15. This is what they saw in my transcripts. This year they'll be seeing my final year gpa too)

2. I also presented a national level conference paper!

3. I am currently working and I will have a year of work experience before I leave for my Master's in the relevant field.


So is this a very significant change? Or I shouldn't bother applying and look at other schools?


Also should I email this doubt to the professor telling him all these changes? Or would that be non-professional as I'm indirectly asking my chances of being admitted?


Please help guys. I need to apply soon! Thanks!

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I think it is a standard reply that schools will tell people reapplying that unless a lot has changed, the outcome will likely be the same. This is probably a courtesy to help applicants decide if it's worth it to reapply. 


In my opinion, I think that your changes are quite large and it would be worth it to reapply. I would not tell the professor about your changes--just thank him for his response.

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Yeah - he's just telling you - something major has to have changed. And you've done it! So get your application on!


And in your response, I would say, "Great, thanks! A lot has changed, so I do look forward to reapplying." Instead of saying nothing at all. That gives him a heads up that you're not wasting their time, but that your application will actually be different.

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