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Application Typo after Submitting


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Hey all, was just looking for some quick words of wisdom about a typo I made on my Rutgers Graduate application for Chemistry which I only just noticed about an hour ago (the application was submitted two weeks ago and is due on Monday). At one point, I'm asked to describe my work experience in 100 words or less where I mention working with "spend auto catalyst materials" instead of writing "spent auto catalyst materials". 


I have pretty solid GRE scores, two years of industry experience, great recommendation letters, and a personal statement. The error in question wasn't made on my resume or essay. Will something like this immediately toss me into the denial bin? 


Thanks in advance. 

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Oh absolutely not. That's a really minor typo. There are plenty of stories where people have spelled the name of the school wrong or even put the wrong name and still received acceptances. You'll be fine :)

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I found a typo in my SOP after I already submitted to 6 schools. Like yours, it was pretty minor but still upset me since 5 different people edited it and I reread it a million times. I bet that most resumes/SOPs end up with a typo or two. Its almost impossible to avoid. I have already been offered an interview from one of the schools that I submitted with the typo to. It will definitely not be thrown in the trash for something so silly!

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