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POI didn't email back - a "no" for sure?


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I'm in a field where contacting and communicating with POIs is not as important as it is in others (in fact, a lot of sociology professors have told me and other students to not email POIs), which is why I am uncertain about this situation:


One of my profs (also a recommendation writer) knows a POI at one school to which I'm applying, and I did work under my prof that used a lot of this POI's work as foundation - he helped me draft an email to this person, and suggested I attach a short sample of my writing pertaining to the POI's work. My professor spoke to her about the work I did for him and said that she was impressed (not with me, specifically, though - the project as a whole).


I never heard back from this POI. Does this mean, without a question, that she is not interested? I'm kind of assuming this, but I also know that I left her with all of the information she would have wanted from further emails, and that my professor would not have helped me contact her if he did not think she would want to work with me.


I'm just looking for peace of mind (either to know I should focus my attention elsewhere, or to know there is some hope for this school/POI still).

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I would say for you to not worry about it. If the POI is not interested, it's not like it will change any actions you take between now and the official decision, right? If the POI is interested, then you just have to wait until they are ready to respond. Perhaps the POI feels that there is nothing useful they can say between now and the final decision, so they are choosing to not write back. Maybe they were really busy leading up to the end of the semester and are now taking a vacation and will not be writing any work related emails until next year. There's so many possibilities that it would not be very helpful to speculate!

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I agree. Go forward with the application.


I agree as well! Don't worry about it. There could be so many reasons why she hasn't responded. For example, maybe she's waiting on a meeting where she will find out more about how much funding is available before she responds to you. In any case, I wouldn't take this as a bad sign.

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