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Ecology PHD: Once Applied, Now What?


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I have been in contact with the faculty at several schools and submitted my PHD applications (see schools below)... Now what?! Should I continue to email the potential advisors or just wait it out? Does anyone know if the following schools have recruitment dates or did anyone get in and have a basic timeline?


Any information would be super helpful!


UC Santa Cruz (EEB)

UC Irvine (EEB)

URI (Bio)

Northeastern (EEMB)


Boston University (MB/BIO)


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I would wait it out. There's no point in emailing POIs after submitting and before you hear about whether you've been admitted or not. Check the results survey and the "Biology" subforum for more information on whether there are recruitment visits and when you might be notified. Good luck!

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Ecology is a weird subfield. The applicant-POI relationship is the biggest factor for getting accepted. Some of your programs probably have a requirement that you have a POI willing to take you already, contingent on funding. Keep in contact with them. Let them know what you are up to and that you are still interested. Ask them about recruitment weekends and such. It goes a long way.

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