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Do CS programs interview?


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Do you know of any PhD programs in CS that require an interview as part of the admissions process? Some of my friends who are applying to graduate programs in other fields have already received interview invites. I have not really seen much talk about interviews in the CS thread of Grad Cafe. I get the impression that CS PhD admissions / potential advisers rarely interview and it is not part of the process...is this correct? If it is not correct, when do they usually send interview invites?

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Look on the admissions pages of the schools and departments you have applied to. They should have some more info about the applications process (like whether they interview and even the timeline for interview invites). From what I've seen so far, it seems like chemistry doesn't really do interviews, although they may do visits  (after having been accepted). Not sure if its the same for computer science but looking at your school's admissions info pages should give more insight.

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Yeah, I had asked that before I checked. So far this year I have gotten interviews from 3 of the schools you mentioned. To answer my own question:


Looking back at previous years, there are some schools that usually never interview (MIT EECS, CMU, Stanford, UT Austin). There are also schools that frequently interview, such as the ones you mentioned and MIT Media Lab. Other schools seem to do interviews some years and not other years. 

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