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  1. Same. Yet to hear anything. What are people's profiles like?
  2. From looking at the results page as of now it seems like quite a few schools interview? http://thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php?q=computer+science I see Columbia, Princeton, Berkeley, UIUC, UCLA
  3. No, you definitely deserve at least one easy semester
  4. 164 Q is fine (they don't care about V, unless it's something ridiculous like 140). This may be different from other schools but one CS professor I talked to at a top department said he pretty much ignores GRE scores and only looks at (in the following order) Research, Letters of Recs, and GPA. Your 3.9 GPA in Math/CS will assuage any doubts they have about your true quantitative abilities. With two second author publications (venue will be important), I think you will have a good shot at all schools, including the top 4. Best of luck!
  5. Any reason for this? My undergrad is very highly ranked for machine learning and I would imagine it would be a reach for me.
  6. Highly depends on: - your undergrad university - quality of journals in which you published (do you mean you published in Proc. IEEE?)
  7. I don't think you have a chance at the top 10, but you may have a good shot at 10-20, if your advisor is supportive of your decision (and write good recs). Here's another thought--why don't you try to find a research group/advisor in machine learning in CS at your current university? If it's a top 20 program, I am sure that the CS department will have at least a couple of ML faculty, and from what I've seen it's not that rare for Stats PhDs to be co-advised by faculty from other departments (e.g. look at student profiles from UCLA/stanford).
  8. Quick Background GRE (Q/V/W): 166/167/5.5 Undergrad: Physics/Econ double major from a top 10 school (GPA=3.8) Grad: MS in computer science from Columbia (GPA=4.0) Publications: 1 first-author at a top conference, 1 first-author at a workshop Research experience: Nothing other than class projects (the two publications above were as a result of classroom projects). I think this is my biggest weakness LoR: should be decent, and from people who are well-known. But definitely not "best-student-ever" type LoRs. My research interest is in Machine Learning. I'll be applying to 10~12 s
  9. I think there is a gap, but not a huge one. I have a master's in stats, and the questions are not too different from questions on some of the final exams of the more difficult classes.
  10. Well, the adcoms might be aware of the grading scheme at the top 3 UK universities or so, but they may not necessarily think that other UK universities have the same grade 'deflation', unless explicitly told by a professor. Really surprised that you didn't get into any schools--your list was no doubt top heavy, but would have expected a more favorable outcome. Maybe bad luck too.
  11. I've heard that grades at UK/Australian universities are typically very deflated (e.g. an 80% equates to an A or something). Adcoms might not have appreciated the fact that your ostensibly low grades are actually quite respectable. That's the only red flag I see. Best of luck next season!
  12. thanks everyone. Cyberwulf, even for stat departments, isn't it true that funding for international students requires more money? I remember talking to an department head (for stats) about this and he said that was the case.
  13. Hi all, I've decided to re-apply for admission next year (Fall 2014) However, if I wait one more year (and apply for Fall 2015), I can apply as a permanent resident. Will this give me a significant advantage at the top stats/biostatistics programs? From looking at school websites it seems like that most students at the top programs are international students (in fact for some programs it seems like a 100% of them are international students). Are there a substantial number of candidates who are rejected but would have been accepted had they not been international students? H
  14. did you get an email saying you were waitlisted? or did you have to ask?
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