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  1. Hello! I was the second person who posted admission to UNC on the results page. I was also (like MathStat) admitted to the stats PhD program - and I forgot to list in the results that I'm a domestic applicant. Ok, so question (sorry if this isn't an appropriate place to ask): What would be a normal timeframe for deciding on whether or not to accept the offer from UNC? In particular - if anyone here is familiar - is it unreasonable not to decide until after the visit day (Feb. 22, as Cavalerius mentioned), or would this be typical/expected? I quite like UNC's program and am fairly l
  2. Hello! I completed my BS this summer and am hoping to attend a stats PhD program starting next fall. I would appreciate some assistance in deciding on a reasonable selection of programs to apply to (I'm currently thinking that I'll apply to 9 in total). Undergrad Institution: University of Oregon Major: Mathematics GPA: 4.06 cumulative / 4.05 major (on the 4.3 scale used by my school - adjusted to a 4.0 scale, 3.78 cumulative / 3.77 major) Applicant Demographics: Domestic White/Hispanic Male GRE General Scores: 170 V / 166 Q / 4.5 AW Relevant Courses:
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