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URGENT: resume for PhD application, what should be in the cover letter?


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I am not very sure what is supposed to be written in the cover letter for the resume that I should upload as part of my application? Do I mention research interests, experience?


I have that on my SoP so I don't understand how are they different?


Thanks in adv!

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Never seen a cover letter needed in my 11 engineering school applications. I wonder if their system is confused with a university job application system.

But if they do require one, then make a cover letter that is about half a page in a letter type form. For my job applications I mainly used parts of my SOP in my cover letters becuase I like how I wrote them. Start it off on what your applying for and that "your knowledge and skills make you a quailfied adaptable canidate." Then put a short paragrah of your experience and another short paragraph that has your most important skills that describe you as a engineer and sum you up. Then do a conclusion and a Sincerely, Your Name at the bottom. Thats what I would do in this odd request.

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