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Late game profile evaluation (PhD Stats)

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I'm applying to stats PhD programs (there are a few still taking applications) and just discovered this website. 




White male at a state flagship (top 100)



Major: Mathematics (concentration in mathematical statistics)

Minor: Computer Science

GPA: 3.5



MS in Applied Statistics

GPA: 4.0


I'm doing both degrees simultaneously (it's a 5 year BS/MS program but I'm finishing in 4). 

Courses: Calc 2 ( B), Intro. Linear Algebra (A), Calc 3 ( B), Discrete Math (A), DiffEq ( B), Numerical Linear Algebra (A),  Data Structures and Algorithms ©, Software Engineering ( B), Probability ( B), Numerical Analysis (A), Regression (A), Real Analysis (A), Stochastic Processes ( B), Mathematical Statistics undergraduate I&II (A & A), Machine Learning (A), Multivariate Analysis (A), Data Mining (A), SAS Programming (A), Mathematical Statistics graduate (A)


Languages: Python, R, MATLAB, SAS, Java


GRE: 157V 165Q 4W


Research: 1 summer REU in computational math, 2 projects with an EE professor (machine learning for medical informatics and a natural language processing project) with papers in progress/being submitted to conferences. 


Internship: with a government contractor where I wrote statistical software (R/Python) and worked on a few bioinformatics projects. 


Letters: EE research professor who wanted me to join our phd program and continue working in his lab, academic adviser with whom I've taken two graduate statistics courses and mentioned that I am one of the stronger students she's seen in a while, and statistics professor from whom I received A's in two graduate statistics courses during my junior year of undergrad.


I'm interested primarily in computational statistics and machine learning (ideally biomedical applications but I'm not picky).


A few of the programs currently still accepting apps:

  • West Virginia (Computational Statistics)
  • San Diego State (Computational Science, concentration in Statistics)
  • George Mason (Computational Learning)
  • Virginia Tech (track in Computation)
  • Colorado State
  • University of Texas at San Antonio



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Have you thought about delaying a year and applying rather than be constrained by what schools' deadlines have yet to pass?


With your background, you could probably be more aggressive in school selection.

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I also think you're better off waiting until next year and applying to more programs (potentially better ones too). That said, if you're pretty set on going this year might as well apply. I'd say you have a good shot, but I'm unfamiliar with those programs. Maybe the engineering forums could provide better advice for computational sciences.

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If you want to give it a last minute try then you should do it.


In case you are still interested Michigan State accepts applications till Feb 1 (although you may have missed some fellowship opportunities). I believe Penn State will also accept applications late in the game (rolling admissions) but funding would still be an issue. It may not be a bad idea to call and ask them what opportunities are still available for you. Lastly, you have UCSB that is accepting applications till Feb 15.


BUT, waiting another 10 months may not be a bad idea. You could take the Math subject GRE in the interim and apply to some top 5 school(s).

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I'm also going to recommend that you consider waiting to apply this coming season. Remember, you are going to spend at least 4-5 years working for your PhD at whichever institution you end up at. The networks of the faculty at that institution will significantly influence which job opportunities are open to you afterwards (connections aren't everything, but they're certainly important). It is worthwhile to do what you can to make your selection of schools as wide as possible and get into one that you will be happy to attend for that amount of time and that will support your transition to a career afterwards.


That all being said, you know your situation better than anybody else. So if you feel as though you need to apply now, go for it.


EDIT: readability.

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