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Very stressed about my GPA/GRE scores: SLP Grad School


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I am looking for some guidance/helpful information regarding my credentials as an applicant for Midwest Speech-Language Pathology Schools.


Here are my stats:


Overall GPA: 3.57 (last 60 credits 3.9)

Major GPA: 3.94

GRE: Q-140 V-157 AW-4

Applying to: UW-Milwaukee, UW-Stevens Point, UW-Whitewater, Illinois State, and St. Cloud State


I have done reasearch for two different professors over the past two years (fluency & phonetics)

I have been NSSLHA president for two years

I hold a title on national NSSLHA's executive council

I am a member of the health sciences alumnae chapter and also on a student board which governs student involvement withing my college

I have work experience caregiving for people with disabilities as well as nannying for children from birth through 7 years of age

I have three very strong letters of rec writers who I have both had class with as well as worked for personally


I am extremely concerned about my lower Overall GPA and my GRE scores. Did anyone else have lower stats like I have but had lots of EC's?


I truly appreciate any advice/comments!

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I really do not like givng people input on this type of things. Sure, low scores in one section or both sections might limit you from certain schools (especially the Ivy ones). But, we need to be aware there are some schools that do and clearly mention that they take a holistic effect. Your GPA isn't that bad and at least you did well on the verbal. If you've taken higher level quantitative courses (Calc, Stats, Trig, etc) then hopefully some of your programs will take that into consideration in place of the quantitative score. The work  experience should be a bonus too.


I bombed both sectons (quantitative a little higher than yours; verbal waaaaaaay lower than yours).But, I am still giving this stuff a shot and chose several realistic choices to apply too.

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I appreciate your comments. It is hard to reply to a thread based on numbers, what I hope to get out of this is that other people who have a similar situation to mine (lower scores but tons of extracurriculars and a high major GPA) fared when the admissions time rolled around. Even the smallest response offers enormous relief to people in my postion. Applications are done and now I am left to worry.

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It's impossible to say, but I think your GPA is fine, especially since your major GPA is almost a 4.0. Hell, my major GPA wasn't even that good! I think mine's like a 3.84??


The fact that you have so many other things on your application (experience, extracurriculars, etc.) is a nice offset from your numbers, I would think. That said, different schools, different programs, and different individuals on committees all look at things... well, differently. Some people may weigh your experience over your numbers, and vice versa. 


All that said, again, the high level of experience is a nice mitigation to your lower-ish numbers. As long as one or the other of these is solid, then I think anyone has a fair shot. I'm sort of the opposite of you; I have about a 3.78 overall GPA, good GRE scores (aside from quant— I bombed it with a 140 like you did, but I don't think this is weighted at all if you're going into humanities), but I don't have research experience in the literature field, so to speak. I've had an internship at a writing center and have tutored college students professionally, but that's about as far as my pertinent experience goes. I see other people on here with heaps of experience in all sorts of fields and it freaks me out, but I've just tried to ignore it because the applications are already in; nothin' to do but wait now. 

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You could alwas use the results search to look for the programs and schools you're interested in to see what the GPA and GRE scores were (by clicking on red diamond) for those who got interviews or were accepted. It could give you an idea of how similar you are in terms of numbers. Some university websites also have average stats (for GPA and GRE) of admitted students so you could compare with that as well.

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I think your scores look great! This site is intimidating and what I have learned is that you can't compare yourself to anyone, yes we are in a sense competing but worrying about your scores compared to the ones on here will do you no good! I know several people that have gotten into schools with low gre scores and 2.7-3.0 gpa It all depends on what that school is looking for.. I have a friend who was rejected with a. 4.2! Just put those apps in and flood your mind with positive thoughts!!

Good luck, you will be fine!!!

" worrying is like a rocking chair, it will get you nowhere"

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Thank you, I really needed that! I feel like I am ready to move on from the stress of worrying about "what if" and trust in the future path laid out for myself.


Good luck to you in all you do and perhaps our paths will cross in the field some day.

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