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How bad do your grades have to get PhD offer rescinded


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Long story short: I have already gotten into a top CS PhD program and have interviewed with other multiple top programs. How bad do your grades have to be to get a PhD offer rescinded from a top-5 CS program? To put my case into perspective: when I applied, I had all A's in my CS courses. I made a B and a B+ in two CS courses my Fall semester of my senior year (very few programs ask for fall semester grades). I am also expecting as low as a C in my operating systems course this semester (the class is notoriously hard at the school I go to and the hardest project is during all the grad admissions weekends --- more realistically I will make a B but I want to plan for a C). With these subpar senior year grades (keeping in mind I would continue research and submitting for publications my senior year, so I would in no way be "slacking"), what is the likelihood that I will have my PhD offers rescinded?

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If you want to get into a Top 5, it will be your research work that makes the difference, not your grades. If you already interviewed, that means your grades are OK

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