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Quit TA job in middle of term?


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The more advance notice, the better they can handle the transition. 


It happens. They know that. 


You can do your part by keeping them in the loop and making good notes for your successor to help give the best continuity for your students, the prof, and your replacement. 

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I have had this happen.  I got cancer in the middle of the semester and it was nothing anyone saw coming. I was an instructor, so they collaborated with a couple other people that knew my subject matter, to tag team the class for the rest of the semester.  It wasn't the greatest for the students but the class got done. On short notice they can prepare for backup instructors to cover your load.  They have to, because they can't cancel a class mid semester, therefore they do have procedures in place for when these things happen.  You have an advantage over me, in knowing that you may be presented with a need to leave.  I had no notice.  Communicate open and honestly, and as far in advance as you can.  They will take care of you.  My best friend's father died mid semester and they shifted her from teaching to grading support so she could keep her income, but it allowed her to travel back home and stay with her father his last few days, and then stay there to be with the family for a few more weeks.   I am sure there is someone in your department that is designated to manage the TAs and Instructors...that would be your first stop, along with your supervisor.  

Best wishes.

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