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LGBT/queer seminary applicants


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Not I.

However Im posting in this thread because I am interested in the various ways the LGBT crowd reconciles their orientation to the larger portion of Christian history and theology. Most of the dialogues I've listened to follow a formula something like...

Conservative Evangelical or Catholic: The Old Testament clearly states homosexuality is an abomination... [Throws a few verses out]

Liberal Protestant/LGBT advocate: The Old Testament Also has rules against pork, shellfish.... [Throws out a few verses with the apparent intention of making the OT look silly]

*bloodshed ensues*

In other words the debate seems to be reduced to a rigid battle of strict fundamentalism on the right versus belittling our own heritage on the left.

I dont want to debate so much as to simply find more thoroughly thought out opinions on the matter. Partially because I am going to a graduate school where this is a very serious and popular issue.

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I just recently wrote an essay titled, "Premodern Origins of Homophobia: Christian Intolerance of Homosexuality in Premodern Europe" that addresses your question. I argue that church stances against homosexuality came with a rise of asceticism and with the roles medieval men were supposed to play. I would be happy to send you the essay if you would like!! Just email me at vdcervantes@gmail.com and I will get that out to you.

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