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Asked to send in my transcripts... is this a good sign?


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Yesterday I received an email from one of my top schools stating that they haven't received my transcripts to date. Then they asked me if I was still interested in the program, and gave me an address to send them to. I thought I had sent them months ago, but it's possible I sent them to the wrong address, so hopefully they get there now (I requested them to be sent yesterday). They said "The recruitment committee is reviewing all the applications thoughtfully and carefully at this time."


So my question is, is it reasonable at all to see this even a little bit in a positive light? I obviously won't raise my hopes too high since I'm aware this is far from anything indicating an acceptance, but if they didn't even take me seriously as a candidate at all, wouldn't they not even bother asking for my transcripts? Or is this just standard procedure for all applicants that don't have all documents sent in?


Any insight would be helpful! This is my first year applying, and it's a confusing process that's got me all sorts of anxious.

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I'm not sure if it's an indication of a good sign, could just be that they need all documents before they begin the review process.


I also recently got a similar email for one of my "reach" schools that I'm pretty sure I don't stand a chance for. Although I got slightly hopeful, I looked around this forum and saw many people in the past who got the same email also got rejected a week or two later.  

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I had a school ask for my GMAT scores once because the ones submitted looked too low.  I guess they were seriously looking at me, because I was put on the waitlist.  This was a couple of years ago, before I really knew all that much about the application process, and I had just gotten a new job, so I didn't care as much then.  But I'd consider it a good sign.

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Mostly, yes


If the university does not think highly of your application they will just reject, instead of asking you for some material


But there is also possibility that the committee wants to reject to but the university requires receiving all materials before rejection (I don't think this happens often)

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