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How long do offers last


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I think it depends on the school. While many do follow the April 15th deadline, I've heard of some schools only giving the applicant like a week to decide. Although that could have something to do with them being accepted late as well.

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I was accepted Feb 2nd by one school and they wanted a response by the end of february... I applied to other programs and thus asked the first school for additional time. Should I just accept and then rescind my acceptance? Is that allowed?

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What did the school respond when you asked for additional time?


Is this a MS or PhD program, and is the offer funded or not-funded?


In general, you want to avoid accepting and then later rescinding an offer- that can lead to the spot not being able to be filled at all, rather than the school being able to offer admission to someone on the waiting list. Sometimes it's the only workable option, but you want to exhaust all your others first. 

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