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BS in Human Services or BA in Social Work


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I applied to the BSW program at San Jose State and the BS in Human Services at Cal State Fullerton. My long term goal is to get my MSW and work in the mental health field with patients who are dually diagnosed. I'm just having a hard time choosing between a BS in Human Services or a BA in Social Work. The BS in Human Services at Cal State Fullerton seems good because they have different tracks. They have a Mental Health Track and a Substance Abuse Disorder Track. Which one will offer me more opportunities?

Cal State Fullerton - Human Services:



San Jose State - Social Work:


Both programs seem really good, and they both offer fieldwork classes, but I am having a hard time deciding which one to choose. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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If your goal is an MSW then go with the BSW. You'll be able to do advance standing in your MSW program and only be in the program for 1 year instead of 2. Saves time and money!


Yes!!! I wish I would've known this ahead of time as well.

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It really depends on your goals. I like the fullerton program because it has more of a psychological orientation and differs from the social work curriculum. I think it is useful for people to develop skills and substantive interests from outside social work before the MSW level. That's how they enrich the program; by bringing in skills and experiences. On the other hand, I like the san jose program because it would be a great way to transition to a MSW program seamlessly and you will get useful letters of rec from faculty in a MSW program. If you need help to stay motivated to complete the MSW degree, then that is a very important factor.

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