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Using a dossier service for recommendation letters when applying


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Has anyone successfully used a dossier service when applying? My school has one, but it seems like no MSW programs allow you to submit that way because they want your recommender to fill out a survey (such as 'rate their readiness for graduate school on a scale of 1-5'). For those who don't know, I'm not sure how professional ones like Interfolio work, but my school's registrar will collect letters for you any time during your 4 years, and will send them for you when you apply! I have been in contact with some schools, but they have no idea what I'm talking about and I've gotten some condescending responses accusing me of trying to be exempt from certain admissions requirements (???).



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Nowadays, it seems college applications are almost entirely online, so the days of mailing out physical letters are in the past (except for CSU schools for some reason). I think for this reason and the reason that there isn't one centralized application like there are for medical or public policy schools is what makes it difficult to use such a method to mail out recommendation letters. I suggest getting in touch with your letter writers directly and kindly asking them to re-upload their letter to each specific application source.

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You can submit letters online using a dossier service. Mine is actually through my university which makes things easier than an outside company, because they can still be uploaded online. Unfortunately lots of schools require a sort of assessment along with the letter than each recommender has to fill out.

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