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  1. I just got one today, but my application was missing a reference form, so I knew it was coming.
  2. That might be because there is already another thread for SDSU MSW on the "Applications" section of this forum.
  3. I got into Hunter....on May 5....such a slow turnaround time in my opinion..
  4. Just had a Skype interview, and they said we will hear back in a month.....that's tooo long its already mid-april....
  5. I just got an email regarding a Skype interview, which I scheduled for next Thursday...
  6. Has anyone been contacted regarding scheduling a skype interview? Although I received the invitation to interview, I had to reply requesting a skype interview, but I still haven't been notified of how to schedule that.
  7. Yeah, I don't even think my department (social welfare) had priority spots for housing to begin with.....good luck in your search! I'm hoping to find a studio for around 1000-1200/month....
  8. Well I applied for Weyburn terrace and HIlgard as my first choices which are both walking distance to campus (and rather expensive), but I'm also hoping to find some off campus (yet still walking distance) options...
  9. I will also be a Luskin student this fall in the social welfare program! I know for my program specifically, a car is almost a necessity in order to work at a field internship site. I am thinking about doing the micro track in my program
  10. I will be attending the UCLA MSW program this fall! I am also worried about housing because the campus seems to be in a very expensive location and I won't be able to do some on the ground searching for a place until August at least.
  11. For those who have been accepted into the MSW program: in your ePAL, were you awarded any work study or other types of aid besides loans? I was only awarded 1k perkins loan, 20,500 direct unsub loan, and the rest in gradPLUS loan...
  12. swgirl23, do you know of "College Confidential"? (http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/) That site is not just a grad student forum, but for everything college, with heavy focus on undergrad, which is the type of major a BSW is. May I ask why you feel going for a BSW despite already having a bachelor's degree is a better option than going straight for an MSW? In my opinion, doing that will result in you taking many introductory courses in a broad range of disciplines all over again rather than simply focusing on the field you want to go into. It is not necessary to have a BSW in order to get into an MSW program (I got into a few MSW programs with only a BA in Psychology, and I am also 21 years old now), so I think it may be a more efficient option to simply go for an MSW program since you already have a bachelor's degree.
  13. I was awarded 11,500 in scholarship and $4,000 in work study for the first year. I will be declining Columbia though because I got into a cheaper, state school.
  14. I also want to chime in and say that I asked about the status of my application and WHEN I could expect to hear back about an interview or a decision via email, and all I got in reply was "keep checking your status" I'm starting to think I won't get accepted to this school lol
  15. Speaking of this March 30th date, can anyone confirm whether or not we will hear from financial aid regarding scholarships and other funding before this deadline?
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