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Helpful hint for determining placement information!


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If your school doesn't post placement records, you can use google search to help you get an idea of where PhDs from your department wind up.


Enter this in the search bar:

Field "Your School Name" site:.edu -site:yourschool.edu


For example, I was trying to find Sociology professors who got their degrees from UC Santa Cruz, so this is what I entered:


Sociology "Santa Cruz" site:.edu -site:ucsc.edu


(Entering site:.edu makes sure only university pages come up in the results. Entering -site:ucsc.edu makes sure the results aren't bogged down with pages from UCSC.)


The results are faculty pages of Sociology professors with degrees from UCSC who are teaching at other universities.


Hope this is helpful to someone else!

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I think you can just do the following (for an arbitrary number of URL endings):


Sociology "Santa Cruz" site:.net OR site:.edu -site:ucsc.edu


That seems to produce the expected result.

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