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Waitlisted - Should I Contact POI?


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I applied to a graduate psychology program and have heard back last week that I am on the waiting list. The email stated that I am encouraged to stay in contact with my POI.


I'm just wondering, what should I say in my email to my POI? Do I ask for a phone call (or would that be too direct?), thank her for putting me on the wait list?





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I think you absolutely should reply back to her! Especially if you got into any other schools, you should definitely let her know of your current status. In case you did not get into any schools yet, informing her of your interests in attending the school will also help. It is not really necessary to ask her for a phone interview, unless you have specific set of questions (even if you do, it will not affect much of their decisions as you will be their 'back-up' candidate, they will have interviews with their first-choice candidates first).

I am not a current graduate student, but I am in the same situation as you for one school, and my faculty advisor at my undergrad institution gave me aforementioned advices..

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I'm also wondering, one of my course grade was not included on my transcript in my application to that school, in which I received an 87% in. Is that something I should mention in the email (a bit awkward to bring it up though, right?).


Ahh, I'm definitely over-thinking this, but this is the first school I've heard back from and I am 90% I will be rejected from the other schools I applied so I want to make sure I am contacting this POI with the best possible message.

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