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Hi all!

I'll be starting a clinical psych PhD program this fall, and I am waiting to hear back from the NSF about the GRFP. I wanted to start a thread and see if any other clinical applicants or students had applied this cycle or in the past. I think we should hear back from NSF in early April, has anyone heard anything from NSF so far?

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Reviving this thread to see if anyone applied for this cycle (or if there are any applicants from past cycles who would like to share their wisdom)? Mostly worried that my proposal will be dinged for being "too clinical," even though I didn't mention anything related to psychopathology.

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I applied this past cycle, there are some examples of successful proposals floating around the internet.  This blog has one example of a successful clinical psych proposal:   http://www.alexhunterlang.com/nsf-fellowship

My proposal was very neuropsych focused so we will see how successful that was in a couple months.

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