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MPH -Hopkins Hopefuls 2015


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oops, i applied for the MSPH back in december and have heard nada. Should i expect a rejection at this point??


Which department? I think some have been faster than others.

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it was the International Health department :/ this is KILLING ME. it's almost a month before we have to freaking decide


I would reach out to them. I got my letter from them two weeks ago.

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I got my acceptance today.

But no mention of funding.Can anyone help me with the process of financial aid followed by the school? How generous are they with the funding and has any one been notified of the funding decision?

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i got accepted today!!! but omg let me tell you this story.


so i was freaking out so i said i'd give myself a week before i emailed them. I teetered with this thought, but then i got fed up because it's almost April for pete's sake!!!!


today i emailed them saying that "i hadn't heard back since so I'm assuming I'm rejected. please confirm"


and then they emailed me back saying "we made your decision last night, congratulations!"


and then i cried happy tears. and frustrated tears. it took soooooooooo long.


the moral of this story is to email your department directly--not the general admissions email---if you want an answer asap

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Hi, I couldn't find a Facebook group for JHSPH MSPH class of 2017. From the Master's virtual session, it sounded like the school wasn't going to create one and was somewhat encouraging us to create our own. 

I just made a Facebook group for the MSPH International Health program and would love for you to join me! Seems like the group has to be at least 10 members big before anyone could find us using Facebook search. Feel free to invite anyone else who is in the program! Cheers!



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