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Stanford vs. Harvard (Statistics Master)

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Hi all,
I was wondering if any of you could give me some advice on choosing between Harvard and Stanford for their master's program in Statistics.
Here is a summary of comparison I made based on the information I found on their department websites.
Harvard has an 1-1/2 year AM program and here is the link of their course list
The graduation requirement is a completion of 8 courses . I also have more flexibility in terms of choosing courses because only two courses are specifically named and required by the program.
Each year they admit 15 students or so and many of them are currently working as data scientists or analysts (http://www.stat.harvard.edu/alumni/AM.htm). 
If I go to Stanford, I will need to spend two years for their MS program. I need to take four Statistics core courses (fixed), four additional Statistics courses (I can choose from many options), one linear Algebra Mathematics class and one Programming class. Usually students need to take 15 courses in order to graduate; 10 are required and the other 5 are electives (https://statistics.stanford.edu/academics/ms-statistics-elective-courses).  They are expecting 30 Master students for 2015 Fall.
As far as my career goals, I am not planning to pursue a phD after Master's degree, but to work directly after graduation. personally I prefer business/consulting sectors more than internet & high-tech companies. I am thinking that Stanford is located closer to Silicon Valley and courses offered are more CS oriented, jobs as well. So a Statistics graduate at Stanford in most of the cases would have to compete with a CS student when applying for jobs. Stanford also admits more students than Harvard each year, about 42 students were enrolled last year and I am assuming more competitiveness in terms of job hunting? My "theory" can be wrong because I know little about the industrial field of Statistics.
I really appreciate your help.
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You're choosing between (arguably) two equally ranked programs. I would say you have a great shot at either one. I personally DON'T think the whole silicon valley connection thing is true with Stanford. Don't forget where Zuckerberg went to school.

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I've seen a lot more people from Harvard Stats AM in trading and finance than from Stanford Stats MS. So your interest in "business / consulting sectors" suggests Harvard over Stanford, imo.


Of course, both programs in general are stellar. You might find yourself happier in Stanford's culture than Harvard's. That's more personal. 

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